World’s First Digital Asset Value Validation Coin

RTN helps in evaluating and providing complete transparency in terms of the ownership and the fair market value of all your digital assets.

Contract Address:

Token Name: RatanCoin
Symbol: RTN
Type: MRC20, Chain: Polygon
Supply: 10,000,000,000
Key Function: Liquidity Generation

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The inspiration behind the name “RatanCoin” comes from the word “Ratan (रत्न)” which is a Sanskrit term for "jewel". People invest in jewelry because of their luster or other physical properties that have aesthetic value. Rarity is another characteristic that lends value to jewelry.

What Problem are we addressing?

With such a change and rapid development, it is becoming almost impossible to track the real value of a digital asset. This is leading to the new entrants losing out on trust on the cryptocurrencies and shall affect the overall trust on the blockchain universe in the times to come.

The markets of cryptocurrency are highly volatile as it is unregulated, in which a stock price is being fluctuated just by some influencers and plenty of people being rug-pulled everyday. The difference between the purchase price and selling price of each crypto asset is huge at times leading to a very rapid shift in wealth in the economy.
For NFTs too, we have seen people getting 1000x returns in short spans and people shelling out huge amounts of money on the basis of perceived value of the digital assets. The market is being governed by some key stakeholders getting these returns inhibiting the entry of new NFT creators which is going to hamper the growth of the ecosystem.
For Metaverse, the land prices currently quoted and the purchase price are having no base or value justification. It is all just a match between the demand and supply without taking the account of the actual value of the asset. This process is not scalable and sustainable in the long run as the real money has high odds to be stuck in the invaluable assets.
What's our solution to this?

What if we can know the value of the crypto we are investing in? What if we can know the value of the NFTs we are purchasing? What if we can know the value of the digital assets that are being sold online?

To prevent the scammers in the crypto world from taking advantage of the innocents, we need to attach a value quotient in the contracts which will mention the purchase price of the digital asset by the seller. If the buyer of any digital asset gets to know the value of the product being purchased and the price that the previous owner has paid to attain the asset, she may be able to get a better idea regarding the amount to be paid and will not be cheated.
So, our solution to the problems mentioned above shall be: “To empower and equip the digital asset purchaser with the right knowledge regarding the asset value by providing complete transparency in terms of the purchase price of the product over blockchain. This will also help them to trace back the ownership and origin to validate the true value of the digital asset.”

What are we creating?

We are creating the world’s first digital asset validation coin which shall help the users invest in the right digital assets by making informed decisions regarding their purchases. This shall be done by providing the user with complete transparency regarding the value of the digital asset right from the previous purchase price and ownership records.
As we are in the initial phase of the adoption of cryptocurrencies, we have witnessed the early adopters jump up and reap benefits of this trend. There is a fear in the rest of the audience due to the unregulated and unpredictable values of the digital assets. We aim to bring this audience onboard the digital revolution by providing them with the right tools and knowledge.
Further to RatanCoin, our next aim shall be to provide an asset comparison app and marketplace which shall be able to direct the users to the right assets that they are looking for which have the most precise and justified value in which users can invest in. This platform shall be able to democratise the circulation of digital assets globally and provide more trust towards blockchain.

Our Business Model

Issuing RTN along with Digital assets on the basis of the purchase value of the product.

To accompany any digital asset sold in our affiliate network, we shall be providing proportionate RTN coins with the transaction details. On the next transaction onwards, the information of the previous transaction shall be updated with the new information instead of issuance of new coins.
Post product development, we shall start our collaborations with the digital asset creators and assign set RTN with each asset being shared. These RTN shall be transferred along with the digital assets to validate the value in the upcoming transactions.
For various digital assets, we shall be having a small percentage which shall depend varying on the type of asset. Eg. For NFTs, we intend to issue a RTN proportionate to 1% of the NFT Value.
The records of coins shall be sufficient to provide the ownership and transaction value of the digital assets being owned by the individual.

Our Team

Karan Bindal

Karan Bindal


9+ Years Experience
Bachelors in Technology (Computer Science), Bachelors in Law, Masters in Business Administration. Previously scaled 10+ companies to over $15 million. Successful exits in the field of technology, advertising, education and hyperlocal startups.

Abhishek Harshay

Abhishek Harshay


6+ Years Experience
Bachelors in Technology (Computer Science), Diploma Data Science from IITB, Pursuing Doctorate in Data Mining (PHD). Technology veteran with hands-on experience in blockchain technology, data mining and marketing.

Divyansh Khurana

Divyansh Khurana


8+ Years Experience
Bachelors in Commerce, Masters in Business Administration, PGPM, Masters in Commerce, Certified Investment Banking Operations Professional. Finance professional with a keen eye on ensuring quality, process development and legal compliances.

Osho Parth

Osho Parth


8+ years Experience
 Technical Author with a demonstrated history of working in the Cyber Security industry. Strong programmer and communication professional skilled in Cyber Security , Python, PHP, C++, Hybrid Application Development and System Monitoring.

Girraj Tomar

Girraj Tomar


Strong investigation, problem-solving and decision-making skills, combined with a pragmatic approach and sound business acumen. Highly accomplished with a verifiable track record in fields such as analysis and gathering, business process mapping and the development of interactive prototypes.

Phase 1 - Launch

Duration: Q4 2021 | Distribution: 10% Coins (1 billion)

Launch of Website & Social Media
10k followers on Twitter & 25k users on Telegram
Target Wallets: 10,000
Holding Per Wallet: Mini $49, Max $999
Connect Wallet, Follow Twitter, Join Telegram, Like Facebook, Submit Mail ID.
1,000 Coins Per Airdrop
10,000 whitelist wallet from Registered Airdrops.
10,000 Whitelist Pre-Sales
Followed by Private Sale of 30% Coins at $0.250 (3 billion)



Frequently Questions

Please refer to the whitepaper to know more about RatanCoin (RTN).

RatanCoin is available on most of the exchanges globally. More exchanges shall be added in times to come.

RatanCoin is driven by a mission and as more and more digital assets are being validated using RTN, the value of RTN increases.

It is essential to store the details of the wallet holding RTN securely as the coins one lost can not be recovered. However, we provide the option to regenerate the digital asset value using RTN.